Your Best Life for Your Best Self.

At Vineyard Henderson, we believe that every day is meant to be lived to the fullest. Which is why we offer every opportunity to learn, grow, love and connect with a more personalized level of programming and memory care.

It’s how we live life your way. And you’ll find it at Vineyard Henderson.


The decision to move on to a new chapter in life can be a difficult one, because it’s not just when – it’s where. But with a higher standard in memory care and vibrant communities of residents that are cared about, not just for, we aim to make it a little easier and a lot more exciting.

About Vineyard

Vineyard COO and President Kevin Suite shares the inspiration behind the Vineyard name and our steadfast commitment to living better and longer, together.


Cyber Security Tips for Seniors

An estimated 67 percent of older adults in the US have been targets or victims of an internet scam, according to recent reports. As such, cyber security for seniors should be a top priority. Seniors are targets because: They tend to have financial assets or...

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Tips on How to Interact with Alzheimer's or Dementia Patients

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are progressive illnesses that, over time, will affect a person's ability to remember and understand basic everyday facts, such as names, dates, and places. As a result, communication with dementia patients can be challenging. Understanding...

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The Role of Mindfulness and Meditation in Senior Care

(Hint: Both Can Help Caregivers Too) Mindfulness and meditation are two activities that individuals of any age or physical ability can enjoy to nurture their body and mind. The practices have been successful in both senior and memory care. The caregivers that are...

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